Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Rule #70: Babies and planes (and benadryl) don't play well together.

*Pictures uploaded in Jan, Actual post date- Feb 17th

I know, I know. I have been completely absent from the blogging world for almost two months! No good excuse, a few vacations (which you will be hearing about...I promise) and then just general laziness I think. I hope you will forgive me. Be sure there will be plenty of posts in the next few days to make up for it.

Way back in January Evan took his very first flight. We flew to Colorado to visit with the Lawsons thanks to a killer deal by Southwest. Evan did really well, but his limit was about on hour. Thankfully the flight is only about an hour! I'm not sure if he even noticed that we went up in the air at all. He didn't make any reaction, didn't seem to mind the pressure changes, and mostly enjoyed his surroundings.

The weekend with my family was wonderful! It was such a nice relaxing vacation. My mom, sister, dad and step mom came on the same flight with us! It was really fun, and so nice to have the extra bodies to help entertain Evan.

Nana and Evan at the Denver airport. He loved the moving walkway!

We crafted and made necklaces and watches, and Evan got to "play" with his cousins. He liked to watch them play, but he certainly didn't join in their fun. I wish I had taken pictures at Annie's house, I even brought my camera. Oh well. You live and learn. And my favorite part was staying up late chatting with the girls. Some of the best conversations happen when everyone else is asleep.

Other than an amazing deal, our main purpose for going was Davis' baby blessing. Despite a close call timing wise, it was a beautiful blessing and I'm glad that I was able to be there. Davis is a super cute baby, and it's so nice to be able to see Annie's children when they are still relatively new!

My dad and Emma stayed at a hotel, the rest of the group crowded Annie's kids out of their spaces. (We appreciate it.) Evan did pretty well sleeping in a new space, we had one rough night, but mostly he adapted well. He's just a mellow, laid back kid.

The flight home was a different story. Apparently Honey nut Cheerios have almonds in them. Who knew? Evan had a mild reaction, some hives and such. So I had the brilliant idea to give him Benadryl before the flight, hoping to help the hives and maybe he'd sleep too! So wrong! My child is not one to sleep in the arms of anyone. Even in his drug induced haze, he still refused to give in. So, instead of an hour of busyness but tolerable, Evan was SO tired and unhappy because we wouldn't just leave him alone to sleep! I was so happy to land and get him home to bed! But, now I know. I will NEVER give him benadryl (at least for several years) unless I can put him to bed by himself.

*Although, after his first reaction to nuts that sent us to the doctor, we were giving him benadryl three times a day for three days to keep away a rebound reaction. And I don't remember him being extra sleepy or loopy. Hmm.

It's a horrible picture, taken from Alex's phone, but this is my drugged-up baby on the flight home. Wouldn't even sit still for two seconds!

I'm glad that I have such a flexible job that allows me to get away with my family for weekend visits, without using up vacation time or it being a big deal. Thanks again Annie for hosting us! We had a great time!