Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Rule #75: Two is better than one.

Evan has learned a new sign to spread some big news for us. Watch the video and see.

Meghan is expecting, the new baby is due Oct 23rd. Yes, she isn't very far along, but everyone kept finding out this time from the get go. We're very excited and feel very blessed.

Rule #74: Stairs have many uses.

Evan has this bad habit of feeding Jasmine. He especially loves to feed her from his snack cup as seen here.

So Meghan gave him some dog treats to feed Jasmine, which he promptly ate instead of giving them to Jasmine, you win this round Evan...

Random video of Evan throwing walnuts down the stairs.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Rule #73: You'd be a fool to not have kids.

Evan is only 19 months old and already his potential for manual labor is apparent.

Random video of Evan going down the slide, be warned, he's not quick about it.

Rule #72: Fry sauce makes the fry.

Evan appears to like fry sauce as much as his dad.

Random video of Evan throwing a ball.