Monday, May 31, 2010

Rule #79: Don't talk to strangers


I've been getting "comments" for over a month now from people I don't know. Now, if they were blog stalkers that actually commented on what I wrote, maybe it wouldn't bother me. But all of these comments are in a different language. (Chinese, Japanese...I don't know the difference. I'm not as cultured as I pretend to be okay?)

It used to be an occasional "comment" would show up. Now I'm getting them everyday. It's starting to tick me off. I really didn't want to go private, I like to blog stalk other people and not that I thought my blog was that fascinating, but I liked the option people had to blog stalk me if they wanted to. (They just should've kept their mouths/keyboards shut and then I never would have known.)

Regardless, I am now going private. I'll be making the change next week. So, if you'd like to be included, please send me your email address. Thank you.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Rule #78: More kids is more fun...

During this past week we took care of Evan's cousin Sanders for a few days while his family was in CA. It was fun to add some variety to the house, but Evan had mixed feelings. While at times they played together, Evan was incredibly sensitive to everything, I think the best word is stressed. Here are a few videos while Sanders was here that don't showcase his stress.

Evan doesn't like to eat, and Sanders does, so they found the perfect solution. (1:45)

Sanders quickly discovered as Evan has how fun it is to 'play' with Jasmine. (1:11)

Evan and Sanders throwing things, sometimes even to each other. Be warned, this one is a little long. (5:23)