Thursday, June 14, 2012

Rule #138: Play is the work of childhood

My little Grahamster is growing up so fast! I feel like I barely have time to document all that he's doing before he surpasses previous milestones. So it really doesn't help that I've been so late getting his 18 months stats on here. He's nearly 20 months now! Oh well. Someday I'll be on top of it....*fingers crossed 

Weight 22 lbs 15 oz (10%)
Length 33 1/4 in (70%)
OFC 19 1/2 in (85%)

His doctors appointment was very uneventful, which is nice. They gave us the questionnaire to screen for autistic behaviors (they give it to all 18 month old children) Graham, of course, passed with flying colors. But it was a bit of a shock to me to remember what Evan was like at this age, and how differently I would have answered those questions for him. Evan has made such tremendous progress that I sometimes forget where he started.

But this post isn't about Evan, no matter how much I love him and am proud of him. :) It's about my bundle of giggles Graham.

He continues to be a Mama's boy...preferring me to help him with anything and everything. Loves to be on my body whenever he can. He is getting slightly less clingy though. Which is nice to see, it gives me hope for when we have another child someday :) He and Alex have a really darling relationship, and I love to watch it grow stronger every day. He's definitely the fun parent. :)

Graham is finally getting in some teeth! It's about time too. Poor kid has been living life with 6 teeth for ages now. As excited as I am for his teeth, I do hate teething. For the last several months he hasn't wanted to eat. Just drink milk. He asks for it by name, standing next to the fridge. It's darling. It would be even more darling if he would eat other food also. We're still working on that. He eats one good meal a day. But he's growing, so we'll just take what we can get right now.

Graham says over 20 words plus a dozen or so animal sounds. He hasn't added anymore signs to his repertoire, not since he really started talking. He babbles all the live long day, and I can't get enough of it. His imaginary conversations, that he has with himself, Evan or Alex and I, are adorable. He's quite the chatterbox. Yet he still won't say Mom or Dad. Go figure.

Graham has little fear. He climbs on everything, stomps and "jumps" on anything. I think he's going to be the one to break a bone first. (not that I want any of my children to break bones, but if any bet is on Graham) The only thing that makes him nervous is our play set. He used to be fine playing on it, but lately he doesn't want to move his feet, hangs on the the railings, and just generally looks nervous if he has to move. I'm not quite sure what's going on there, maybe now he can see through the slits between the boards and it is unsettling? Who knows.

Graham still loves to read his books. He's starting to develop a love of puzzles. He LOVES loves water, anyway he can get it. Often we find him dumping water all over the bathroom floor....all smiles. He is, not me. We compromise by letting him dump water on the driveway. He also loves bubbles, and chalk.

His favorite show, hands down, is Bob the Builder. He walks up to the TV asking for "Bob? Bob?"

He loves to snuggle with me, but will no longer give me kisses. Now he likes to give head bumps. Crazy kid. Speaking of heads, his shunt appears to be working just fine. He meets with the neurosurgeon next week and we'll go from there. He is really growing into his head, now he just looks like a regular toddler. 

And toddle he does. The boy rarely walks, but more frequently runs, everywhere! He runs like a penguin, on the balls of his feet, and I love it! 

Really I just love practically EVERYTHING about this little man. He brightens my day, makes me feel loved beyond measure and is a constant joy to watch him learn and grow in this world. 

I'm one lucky mommy.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Rule #137: The tassle is worth the hassle

  Evan had his preschool graduation a few weeks ago. They had a darling little program where they sang all the songs they have been learning throughout the school year. Songs about the days of the weeks, and friends and spiders. (itsy bitsy, tired, large, tiny weenie) The kids did a really good job. All the songs had actions, which Evan did not do. And that's okay. I'm just glad he stayed up on the stage.        

Cute little guy getting exciting to see us.
Behind Evan is TyAnn, Evan's little buddy. Her mom said most days she didn't want to go to school, until it was pointed out that Evan was going to be there. Cute!

Very rarely he would make a small attempt at the actions. (Which he knows ALL of them I'm told)

But most of the time, he just stood like this...and looked around. Mostly smiling. :)

Evan with Miss Jessie. I'm so glad that we get to come back to her next year! They both have a soft spot for each other
Evan with Miss Amanda. I hope she'll forgive me that I didn't actually get her face....but look at his! He loves this woman!

Me and the Little Graduate! I sure love this little man! He blossomed this year, and I'm positive these amazing teachers are to thank for it! Can't wait to come back in the fall!!