Thursday, February 26, 2009

Rule #33: Good food is worth the wait

Alex and I have been trying to go the Texas Roadhouse for months now, ever since it opened in Bountiful. Neither of us had ever eaten there, but we had heard nothing but fabulous reviews. Every time we tried to go, the wait was too long and we had a play or some other function to attend, so we weren't able to wait.

We made big plans to go this year for valentines day. I know what you're thinking, it the wait was long on a regular night, why did we choose a holiday? Yeah, we were thinking very clearly. We intended to call ahead, around 6:20, and then eat probably around 7:30, maybe 8. That seemed reasonable at the time. Well, we called...and the wait was three hours!!!

We didn't know what to do. My mom had already graciously accepted to watch Evan, but it was going to be from 9:30 till...late. Which wouldn't have been a problem, he would have just slept for my mom expect that she had no where to put him! Because of the remodeling of their kitchen, they didn't have any place to put Evan to sleep. I was devastated! I had been looking forward to this for months! If any of you have experienced me with really good food you'd understand how devastated I was. Not only was it good food that was being taken away, it was HIGHLY anticipated good food.

Alex being the loving/understanding husband that he is, knew that any other restaurant just wouldn't be good enough for me, so he called his brother for a favor. We've been slowly easing Jeff into the babysitting routine. The first time it was only for 30 minutes, and Evan slept. This time is was going to be over an hour, but again...Evan would be sleeping. Because Jeff loves us, he agreed to come over. And I am SO glad that he did!

The food was fantastic, and even though it was late, there were still hoards of people there. (That could have been because of the holiday...but maybe not, it seems to be a very popular place.) Their rolls come out of the oven every five minutes and they come with this cinnamon honey butter....mmm. Just thinking about it makes my mouth water! We didn't try their steak that night, but had their ribs and pulled pork. Delicious! It is rivalling Outback to be my favorite restaurant! That is saying a lot! We have to try the steak to make a definitive decision, but it's not looking good for Outback. (I feel a little betrayal just saying that).

It turned out to be a very nice Valentines day, thanks to everyone who helped with Evan, during the day and at night!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Rule #32: It never hurts to try

I'd just like to announce that Evan no longer needs to be swaddled to sleep!!! On Wednesday Alex decided to give it a shot, trying to get Evan to sleep without being swaddled. I know, it was just recently that I posted our decision to keep swaddling our son. And we were happy with the decision. We were kind of holding out for Evan's eczema to get better. In our minds thinking that if his eczema would clear up then he'd be able to sleep just fine. Well, it doesn't look like it's clearing up anytime soon, so we thought we would at least attempt it.

It went better than we had expected and hoped for. While his first nap he did cry for 30 mins, slept for 15 then cried for another 30. Not really a success. When bedtime came, a similar result. Fussing for about an hour or so...then sleep. And he slept for HOURS!!! While he normally sleeps through the night, he did wake up once to eat. Then fell right back asleep. Miraculous.

I've postponed making this announcement for fear that it was just a fluke. But my son now sleeps through the night unswaddled. It practically took one day! While it does take him a little bit longer to fall asleep...I think he plays now that he discovered he can, he doesn't wake himself up by poking himself in the eye. (You may remember that was my biggest concern).

I still can't believe that we have gotten so lucky with our son. And I do understand that such luck can hardly hold out for all of our children, especially if we are to have five as the pencil has predicted. :) So we will enjoy it while it lasts, acknowledging how little we had to do with our perfect little boy.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Rule #31: Pencils can be very accurate?

Hey all you mothers out there, I've got a question for you. Tonight at work my friends and I did the pencil test. I'm not sure if it has an official name, but it's the test where you hang a pencil over your wrist and depending on which way it moves and how many times it moves that's how many children you will have (or have had) and it specifies gender. You can also use a needle instead of a pencil. Do you know what I'm talking about. Apparently it is over 90% accurate.

The pencil says I'm having 5 children. Boy (Evan) Girl, Girl, Girl, and lastly another Boy. Mostly I just wanted to put this down for a record that I can refer to when I have my next children.

Other women at work have done the test that are finished having children, and everyone that I have seen has been correct, gender and number. Amazing.

Don't worry, if I get pregnant the next time and my doctor tells me it's a boy, I'll believe my doctor, not the pencil. But I do find it fascinating that it is correct for so many women.

So, I'm just curious how many others have done this test and whether or not it was true for you? Please share.!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Rule #30: You can't hide from your genes

Evan had his 6 month check up today. I've been very excited for this because I've been dying to know how much he weighs. Turns out he really is his fathers son, and it's starting to catch up with him. (As if he ever had a time when he didn't look like his dad). Here are his stats:

Height: 26.75 inches - 58%
Weight: 14 lbs 11 oz - 10%
OFC: 43.2 cm - 30%

I was a little surprised that he's not even 15 lbs yet, he just seems so big to me, and look at those chubby cheeks! But he is healthy and thriving and learning more and more every day. He's trying to learn to sit up by himself, we've still got work to do, but he loves to try. He manages 3-6 seconds by himself...I doesn't seem very impressive, but he just started learning, so I think it is.

Rolling over still isn't his thing. Although he did roll over three times at Grandma and Grandpa Davis' house yesterday. He still prefers to be on his belly and just play with his toys. He feet are always a-kickin' I swear he never stops. It's the most noticeable when he is being fed and his leg is just flying in the air! He's so cute.
He continues to be the sweetest baby, he is just content to be, gives smiles willingly to pretty much long as mom or dad is holding him. He's starting to get a little stranger anxiety, so unless he sees you routinely...he might not be okay with you holding him. Evan's my perfect little sleeper, and he's a great eater...despite not gaining tons of weight. He loves to eat!
This is Evan in his new exersaucer that Em and I will be sharing. He was pretty excited about it. He already has a favorite toy.
I love this face... "Aww mom!" That's what it says to me.