Sunday, December 28, 2008

Rule #25: Always remember to say (or sign) thank you

Every year on Christmas Eve the Davis extended family gathers and grandma's house. It's quite the gathering, with dinner and the great-grandkids get jammers. It's very fun. One of the best traditions is piling all of the great-grandkids on the couch for a picture. It was Evan's first year...and he was a really good sport about it. Christopher was holding him and did a really good job. We are only missing one child, who was born a week ago, so she is excused with good reason.

Alex's grandparents gave Evan a portable booster for him to bring when he comes for Sunday dinner. Even though Evan doesn't understand it now...we had him "say" or sign Thank You when he got presents. You gotta start the good manners at an early age right?

Grandma Susan and Grandpa Doug gave our family some signing time DVD's. I'm very excited about this. Both of my sisters have taught their children sign language as infants with great results. They are able to communicate with their kids before they can really talk! It's wonderful! So, thank you again.
Grandpa Guy and Grandma Emma gave us a highchair for Evan, it's fabulous. He actually successfully ate his first entire bowl of rice cereal in it just yesterday! *confetti*

And Papa and Nana gave our family a membership to the zoo for an entire year! I'm also very excited about this. I have fond memories of the zoo with my family (specifically my father) when I was little and I'd like to pass this on to my children. We can take guests, so if anyone is up for an outing to the zoo give us a call!

I just want to thank all of our friends and family for all that you do for us. Not just what you have given to my family, but thank you for who you are and for the relationships that we have with all of you. I'm so blessed to be able to surround my family with good people, who are good examples for me and my son. Thank you for your love and support.

Rule #24: You can never celebrate Christmas too much

Forgive me on this post, it's going to be mostly pictures...and way too many of them! But that's how it goes during Christmas....and someone once told me I need to have MORE this post is for them.

We celebrated Christmas twice at my dad's this year. The reason being so my sister Annie and her family could celebrate with us. (ironically, I didn't get any pictures of her this visit, but she was here I promise!)
This is Morgan, Brightynn and Emma

Grandma Emma had crafts for the kids. They could decorate trees or gingerbread men. The kids had a really good time. I even decorated a tree...I got pretty into it. I guess I'm still a kid at heart right? Beckham and KaraiaMe and my nieces....well, some of them. McKinney was sick, and Brooklyn was...elsewhere. (I'm not entirely sure why she wasn't in the picture). Oh and that's Mark jumping in the background...silly Mark, you're no girl :)Me and the boys, except for Evan who was napping. Brenner, Tennyson and Beckham The girls got hats from cute! Tennyson wanted to be so cute too! Evan opening his snowman present. He loves this thing, he could watch it changes colors!

Beckham sitting on Alex's lap. I love to see how Beckham loves Alex. He always wants Alex to play car or any other "boy game" with him. It's really cute. And we were informed by his mother on Christmas that he must be Alex's child for how much Beckham likes video games. :) So that will be one more thing that they can do together.

Annie got Morgan cooking supplies and this cute apron. Morgan was so excited.

And this is my Papa. He's a master chef therefore he spends a fair amount of time in the kitchen. I know that I sure appreciate all his efforts!

Rule #23: Don't underestimate the DI

The DI can be a wonderful place, but you have to put in the time there. You really have to sift through a lot of ugly things in order to find the treasures. While shopping with my mom, I found a treasure. Isn't it adorable? I wasn't going to get Evan any ultra-Christmasy outfit because frankly, we just don't have the money, and it's unnecessary. But when I found this suit, and it was his size exactly...I just couldn't pass it up. Here's the best was only $4! I've seen outfits like that at regular stores for over $ I was thrilled.
And trust me, when you do find a treasure it makes all of the sifting worthwhile.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Rule #22: Smile

About a month ago my step dad Dave took our family pictures. We had forgotten how dark it gets so early in the evening these it wasn't optimal lighting. There is a bank near our we took them there. Despite the outside lighting, I think they turned out nice. Thanks again Dave!

Jasmine, Alex, Evan, Me

Friday, December 19, 2008

Rule #21: Watch the road, not the lights

On Wednesday this week my family and I met up with one of my very best friends and her husband and son. We were randomly put together in a dorm apartment in college our first year. I don't know how I would have gotten through that year without her! The next year we moved into a house together and have remained friends since. Her son was born just a few months after Evan. I'm excited to force friendship upon them, since Eth and I intend to be friends for quite some time. :)

Anyway, we met them in Salt Lake to see the lights on temple square. Man it was chilly! Evan bundled up, I was okay...but I was a little worried about Evan's face. I knew the rest of him was warm...but they need to make little baby ski masks to cover their faces for such outings.

As nice as it was to see my old friend, the lights just aren't the same anymore. It could be because I'm older, and nothing is as magical when you are older...but I don't think that's it. I'm pretty sure it's because they have stopped decorating the big trees. Ethnie had heard a rumor that they stopped decorating the big trees because people on the streets got distracted and weren't watching the road. Whether that's true or not...I think it's silly, and very disappointing. The lights were pretty, felt lacking this year. And even though there aren't as many ooh's and ahh's I still intend to make it a tradition for my family. My children have never seen the big trees all dressed in lights, so for them...all of it will be wonderful.

Despite the minor disappointment, I had a wonderful time with my friend. We went to their new apartment in Salt Lake and had hot chocolate. Here are a few pictures from our night.

This is Will, he pretty much slept through the whole thing...but you can't really ask for much more from a three month old baby...he's cute isn't he?

Here's Evan and I next to a semi big tree. Once Evan got close to the lights he cared to look at them. Other than that he wasn't that interested.

Here's the whole group..Eth and Will, Hunter, Evan, Alex, and Me

Photo Tag

I was tagged a while ago by my friend Ethnie. But every time I thought about it, I was on the laptop, and it doesn't have any pictures stored there. So, here I am finally completing my task. I was supposed to go to the 4th folder in my pictures and post the 4th picture. Conveniently, it's one of my favorites!

This is Evan at 6 days old. I was lucky enough to capture a smile. A feat I was not able to accomplish again for many many months! (the camera was just to interesting to my son.)

I tag Mom, Emilie, Annie, Brianna and Jill

Friday, December 12, 2008

Rule #20: All you need are books and cousins

Evan had his first Christmas party last Saturday at my Mom's house. (Nana to the kids). My sister is in town from Colorado so we had the party a little earlier than usual. It was great to spend time with all the family and Evan got his very first Christmas presents! He got two books! He was a big fan of them both.

This is Brenner, Annie's youngest. He's 8 months older than Evan and looks like a giant next to him.
And I just love this picture. This is Tennyson...he's a little ham! He is Emilie's youngest (for now...that won't be true come march). I'm so happy for Evan that he has so much family, and so many cousins around his age...and most of them are little boys!

Rule #19: Don't forget to laugh

Isn't that the best sound you've heard all day?!

He just LOVES his Daddy!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Rule #18: Rice cereal isn't for everyone.

So last night we tried to give Evan rice cereal for the first time. We had thought about waiting a little bit longer, but I was impatient and he has been staring at my every bite for a week now. I really thought he was going to like it.

It was the funniest thing I've ever seen!

At first he stared at the spoon, so focused on what was going on. After he first bite he pulled such a face! "What in the world....wait a minute...this isn't milk! and what's with this texture!?!" I swear that's exactly what his face was saying. So I tried a few more bites, and after a while he would cough and gag...almost as soon as the spoon touched his mouth, so I know he wasn't ACTUALLY gagging, he was just reacting to the experience...and he is not a fan.
So we'll wait a little while and try it again. For the full entertainment, here is a little video.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Sleeping Update

I just wanted to let everyone out there know that my son has not *quite* figured out that I'm a pushover. He's been sleeping just fine since I've been home. Maybe crying for 4-10 minutes, just wanting his binks back and then he's good to go. That I can handle!

I also was informed tonight that he had a bit of a time going to sleep WITHOUT me! Ha, it's not me at all. Alex was trying to tell me that he never makes a peep when I'm at work, but tonight Evan proved him wrong. I'm glad that me being home doesn't elicit bad habits from my son. He's still a good sleeper, we just had one crazy night. And really, one bad night in over four months is remarkable when you think about it.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Rule #17: Mom's a pushover

Last night was one of the worst sleeping nights Evan has ever had. Since his birth I've marveled at how well he sleeps at night. I've even gotten yelled at by a resident who was jealous that my four month old sleeps through the night (and has for several months) and his one year old just started to. I know that I have been lucky. That said...last night was awful.

We were going through our regular routine, Evan ate, then we rocked and cuddled for a minute or two, and I put him to bed.

Tears, screaming...I gave him his binks back (whish usually does the trick)....more tears, more crying. I walked away, trying to help him learn to calm himself and sleep. Afterall, he's never had a problem before. he cried for a solid 40 mintues! I was practically in tears myself! I couldn't stand to hear him so sad and upset. So I went in and snuggled him, he got droopy eyes and I laid him down.

tears and more tears! I tried to listen to Alex, "all his needs are met, he just wants to be held...and we don't want to teach him that we will hold him all night long..." I know that this makes sense...I do. But I just wanted to hold my son! In my head I was thinking, I can hold him tonight until he falls alseep, a real deep sleep so that he won't wake up when I move will only be for tonight. But I know that I wouldn't be just one night. So, we get him out of bed and bring him unto the living room. We were decorating our Christmas tree. He was no longer tried having cried for an hour. So he laughed as I danced to Christmas music and placed onarments on the tree. He loves our tree and is fasinated by the lights. It's so cute.

After being up for another hour, we fed him know, to top him off so he wouldn't wake up in the night, plus it had been three hours since he last ate. And we tried again to put him to sleep. He cried for another 20 minutes. I have no idea what was going on. He didn't fall asleep until 12:15 AM!!! He normally goes to bed between 7:30 and 8:30!!

I've decided that he knows that I am a pushover. And when I am home there's a good chance if he cries longer than 10 minutes, I'm there, in his nursery "helping" him go back to sleep. You might think I'm being silly, but listen to this. I'm at work tonight. Guess who fell right asleep without any fuss?

Don't get me wrong, I'm thrilled he had a typical night and didn't give his father any difficulty. But if it happens again the next night I'm home, then I'll know that it's me...and he just knows I'm a pushover. I guess I'll have to work on that for the future.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Rule #16: Chicks dig the 5th percentile

My little boy is four months old now! I can hardly believe it! It seems to have gone by so quickly. And with him being four months old, I have now been back to work for over a month. That too is difficult to believe. It felt like I had only been gone for two weeks on maternity leave, that's how comfortable and familiar it was to go back to work. And now I can't believe it's already been another month! I just don't know where time amazes me. I thought I was going to be pregnant forever, and then *poof* my son is four months old! Enough of my lamenting, here are his stats.

Height: 25 1/4 inches (50%)
Weight: 13 lbs 3 oz (25%)
OFC: 40 cm (5%)

He also got his immunizations today, he cried a little bit but then recovered like the champ that he is! We're also debating if we are going to start rice cereal now. Our pediatrician said that we can start at any time now. Alex wants to wait a little longer, and I can hardly wait for this milestone! Evan has started waking up in the middle of the night a few nights a week, and I think starting rice cereal at his nighttime feeding would help. I wasn't sure if he was even interested or not, but the last few days he REALLY cares about what I'm eating. Even if there are toys in front of him, all he watches is my fork and my mouth. (It's pretty darn cute).

He's started really talking to Alex and I. I love his little voice. I could listen to it all day! When he's starting to talk, it looks like he's going to cry. He pulls his mouth down into a little pout...and then waits a minute, and then starts voicing his thoughts. People think he's upset or sad about something....he's not. He's just working those mouth muscles for sure!

In some ways he's growing up too fast and in others I can't wait for him to become more independent, and even cuter than he is now. Motherhood is a crazy roller coaster I've decided. It wonderful, but you can't help but have your emotions fluctuate so much between wanting them to stay a baby forever and being so proud of what they've accomplished....and wanting them to accomplish even more!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Rule #15: Always let the dog lick your plate.

Or your bowl, or your glass, or your ice cream carton, or your peanut butter jar. etc.

Rule #11.5: Credits are an integral part of the movie watching experience.

Well I'm not surprised to be in the minority about this, seeing as when we do stay through the credits we're almost always the only ones left.

And I agree there's no need to know the names of who found all the horses, and the name of the guy who made sure nobody hurt them. But, a movie is typically a social event, one that oddly you can't communicate during.

The credits on the other hand, are the perfect time to still be immersed in the feel of the movie, and yet be able to talk to the others you're with about how the movie was, time to start formulating in your head if you liked it or not and why, how it should've or could've been etc. And if it was just a really good movie it gives you time to come back to reality slowly and relive its glory. So that's why I like to watch the credits, and to each his own, because as Meghan mentioned, I love that everyone leaves and lets you have the theater to yourself.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Rule #14: Beards go to heaven, goatee's go to hell.

After realizing I no longer worked for the church, and that I'm now living in a house with my wife and kid at the tender age of 15, I decided something had to be done. It was time to grow a beard. You know, like the ones that church employees and bishopric members aren't allowed to have. Yeah, that's the kind.
Now, I know what you're thinking, that I'll never be quite as sexy as Robert Downey Jr. in Ironman, but I think I'm ok with that. You'll have to let me know if it does the trick, or if I just look like one of those high school kids who could grow a beard.

Rule #13: Always carry I.D.

Recently, while walking to the street to fetch our garbage can, I saw two men in uniform approaching the house. At first I thought they were postmen, but I couldn't figure out why there were two of them. Regardless, I stared intently at my garbage can hoping to avoid an awkward conversation. As I got to it though one of them spoke up asking how I was. I responded with the usual 'good,' further wondering why the postmen were initiating conversation. Then he asked, "Hey, are your parents home?" I sighed to myself, and I was this close to keeping it simple by saying my parents weren't home (which was technically true as they have their own house now that I think about it) figuring that would make them not want to sell me something. But instead I told them, "Actually, this is my house." Very startled but quick on the uptake he said "Oh, so you're the 15 year old man then?" "Yeah... yeah that's me." Anyway, then they got down to business and tried to sell me some Schwan dinners.

On my way back to the house I recalled running an errand for my sick wife and wondered if they carded everyone else who bought cold medicine, or just us punk teenagers.

Rule #12: Real friendships don't fade with time

These two ladies are some of my very best friends. The one on the left is Karyn, I feel like I have known her all my's been 7 years. She is the only person to date that has crossed my work-friend barrier. For whatever reason I make friends at work, but I rarely, if ever, do anything with them outside of work. Karyn is the one exception. I met her while I was working at South Davis Community Hospital. She was another CNA that was extraordinarily friendly and someone so sincere, I felt comfortable around her instantly. We both got into Weber State's Nursing program the same year. Then we became school friends. (I had stopped working at SDCH). Then, she became my roommate. I'm not going to lie, even though I loved Karyn, I was a little nervous to live with her. You just never know how your personal lives will fit together. I was lucky and we fit with ease. (At least in my mind, you never know if it was easy or difficult for Karyn to live with me). And we've been friends ever since. She's someone that I know I can share anything with, and she won't judge me, she'll just listen, try to offer advice if she's got it. Or she'll honestly tell me she doesn't know what I should do. It's nice to be told that you're not the only one who's clueless sometimes.

The woman in the middle is Marianne. She's the reason we got together today. It was her birthday last week, and we always try to find time to get together for the birthday celebration. Marianne was also one of my roommates. I got lucky with her too. She had moved in and I think I must have been working all weekend, because I didn't meet her for several days. When I did we talked as if we were old friends. Sharing moments in our lives that normally wouldn't have been shared for months, if not years. There's always been an unspoken understanding between us.

When the three of us lived together we were more than roommates. We were a family. I'm so grateful that we've been able to maintain our friendships. It might be months between visits, but every time we get together...we just settle in like we never it's old times.

Only better.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Rule #11: Credits are overrated

Alright, here's the question I have for all of you. When you are watching a movie, whether it is at the theater or at you watch the credits? Does it make a difference where you are? If you are at the theater do you watch the credits but at home you don't?

More you NEED to watch the part of a "cool down" from the movie?

Alex and I had a "discussion" about this tonight. I hate watching the credits, but if I'm in a theater then I'll stay (begrudgingly) only because I don't want to join the sheep leaving the theater...I like to walk out on my own pace. But when I am home, there is absolutely no reason to sit there and read the names of people I don't care about.

Alex on the other hand feels incomplete if he doesn't get to watch the credits. He needs his "cool down" as he puts it.

So I was wondering how many of you out there are like Alex. Or how many of you are sane like me? :) Please feel free to cast your vote in the comments

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Rule # 10: Halloween isn't just for kids

Alex and I went to a Murder Mystery last weekend. It was themed in the 1920's. I went as a flapper and Alex was a poker player. Big thanks goes out to my mom for helping me find a costume at the last minute. She's amazing, she really is. I would have walked right past the dress, which was perfect, (and modest...which...really, how often do you come across a modest flapper dress?) Then she helped me with the accessories, making the headband for me and everything. It makes me wonder if I'll ever be as resourceful and crafty as my mother. She really has a knack for it.

I had researched on the internet how to do my makeup and hair to look authentic 1920's. I really just have too long of hair for their styles, but the makeup I could handle. It's really dark smokey eyes and seriously red lips. So I went all out with the makeup, and it was fun, in my own home with just Alex as a witness.

But then we had to go, and I had to leave the comfort of my own home...and the lack of an audience. It hadn't occurred to me how shy and uncomfortable I would feel dressed up like this with people around. Now I know why I don't do theater. It took all of my power to walk through the front door of the party....and even more to walk up the stairs to where people were. I literally hid in a corner at the bottom of the stairs for a moment or two, trying to talk myself into moving.

Once everyone had reacted to my costume, and the attention was turned elsewhere, I was okay. But a while later, the rest of the group came, and my hyper-awareness returned full force. And once again, once the reactions where over, I was able to forget how I looked and enjoyed myself. I was a fun night. You can't see how dark my makeup really was in these pictures, but trust me, it was extreme!
Thanks again for your help mom, everyone loved the get up, the stockings were a big hit too! (You can't see them in the picture, but they were a modern version of fishnets).

Rule #9: Look at life from all perspectives

Evan's bumbo arrived yesterday. I've been anxiously waiting for a week now. (those who know me well know that I am not a very patient person). I just couldn't wait for Evan to try it out. He's still a little wobbley, but with the bumbo being the perfect shape that it is, he did just fine. It was so fun to see him look at his world from this new view. Because even though I would have him sit up on my lap, this was the first time he was sitting up "independantly"...and he loved it. When I put the tray on and placed his Olephant on top...well, you can see his face. He couldn't stop staring at it. Later I placed a rattle and it was so rewarding to see him trying so hard to control his hands to grasp the rattle. He was so focused, moving little fingers...throwing his arm around with a little too much force...but he finally got it. I was so proud of him, he didn't seem to react once he finally got it, but I'd like to think he was pleased with himself also. It makes me feel good to provide a way for him to progress.

This past week Evan has really discovered his feet. When he's laying on his back, I'll pull his feet up within his sight and then pretend to eat them. I've done this for a while now...but just this past week he seems to have noticed. He stares at his feet, very curious, and giggles when I eat them. It's been a blast for me. So I guess I shouldn't be surprised that he was so focused on looking at his feet in the Bumbo. Once I took the tray off and he looked down, I couldn't get him to look up again. He was just staring at his feet, watching them move. (Who knows if he was moving them on purpose, but they were a-movin). I'm so excited for what this chair will add to his life. What skills he will develop. I just can't believe how much he's grown! He's become such a mini-person. I love it!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Rule #8: Sometimes it's better just to lie.

I know many of you may think that statement contradicts my usual philosophy on life, but I have found that there are times when it is just better to lie.

As everyone knows it was Election Day on Tuesday. I wanted to participate, take part in the privilege and opportunity I have to vote, a privilege that I am so grateful to have. I had worked the night before and was unsure when I should vote. I knew that I wouldn't be in the mood to wait for hours, let alone 20 minutes if I hadn't slept...but I wasn't sure how the lines would be later in the day either. I had heard the nightmare stories from those who had gone to vote early. So I decided to stop by the elementary where I was supposed to vote, and if the lines weren't too long, I'd stay and then go straight to bed.

Location: Meadowbrook Elementary

I walk in, see no signs directing me where to vote. I am unsure that this even is Meadowbrook, see a display case with the words Meadowbrook, continue to wander aimlessly. Find the GYM, see the voting tables and walk to the one marked A-K. I see the Bishop's wife from my old ward, say hi and state my name. She asked for my address, I look down, see my old address listed...I just moved a few weeks ago remember. So I say, foolishly "Well, for you guys it's 340 North..." and then I am cut off. I don't know what I was thinking. I didn't want to lie, because I knew that she knew I had moved. I thought she'd correct me if I lied, or that I might get "in trouble" for giving false information. I should have lied.

I am sent to another table to register with my new address. They ask me for my drivers license...ask if it has the current address, and I say no. They ask for proof of residency, which I don't have. They look at me like I'm crazy when I tell them I don't have proof of residency with me, and ask if I live far. They tell me all I need is a utility bill with my name and address and to come back to that table. So I go home.

Location: My home

I'm not terribly tired yet, so I go home, tell my husband and son about my silly decision to be honest and debate whether I want to go back or not before I've slept. I decide to just get it over with because there were no other voters! It was stranded and I figured this was the best time to do it. Luckily we had a utility bill in the house with my name on it so I go back to the school.

Location: Meadowbrook Elementary

I go directly to the registration table, greet the same two ladies as 15 minutes before and show them my utility bill. They ask me to find my address on a map. I do and they state that I'm not even in this district and I need to go elsewhere to vote. I look at them blankly, starting to feel the effects of staying up all night, wondering if they are really serious. Then they tell me that I should have told them my address before I left so that they could have checked what district I am in. *sigh* Yes, I suppose I should have. So they give me the address of the next school I need to go to.

Location: my car

Another debate in my mind as to whether I should continue to vote before I sleep. I'm a little frustrated, and preparing to be really angry if there is a long line. I'm also silently cursing the rain and my now thoroughly soaked scrubs, luckily scrubs are meant to dry quickly.

Location: Washington Elementary

I walk in and I am pleased to immediately see signs telling me where to go. I walk into the lunch room where there are crowds and crowds of children eating and am directed to the registration table. I lay my bill and drivers license on the desk and tell her that I recently moved and need to register.

"Do you have your drivers license?" I hand her my license AND my bill.
"Is this your current address?"
"Oh, is that why you have your bill?"

I guess my voice was showing my frustration and fatigue because she then tried to explain why it is better for me to register now so that they will know where I live, so they can send me my registration card. (Who cares if the government knows where I live).
"I noticed you are unaffiliated. Would you like to become a member of the Republican party?" *Smile*

"No, thanks"

A frown comes to her face, "Would you like to say that you are a Democrat?"


A confused look, more frowning..."So,'re neither?"

"That's correct" (Isn't that what unaffiliated means!!!!?)

So finally she hands me my ballot that I fill out like a scan tron in high school, then tells me to wait two weeks, call such-and-such number to find out if my vote counted!! That's right. I might have gone through all of this hassle, and it might not have even counted!!! I might have forgotten some box of information, or who knows what. *sigh*

And I thought honesty was the best policy. Clearly I was wrong.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Rule # 7: Never take clear skin for granted.

Most of you have seen my son's skin. It's red and inflamed, a little bit scaly. It's never been the "soft as a baby's bottom" skin that I was expecting. I had tried several things to clear it up, new laundry detergent, different soaps and lotions, and none of it was working. A call to the pediatrician was made, a suggestion was made, and two weeks later Evan's skin was no better.

So Alex took him in to see the pediatrician, who said that "it's not the worst case of eczema I've seen, but it's right up there." He didn't really need to inspect Evan, he could tell from across the room. (Poor kid) So he recommended a Rx cream and changing to soy based formula. (yuck) Normally he doesn't like to do two things at once, but he wanted to get the eczema under control first, and worry about what caused it later. And even though I don't think it's a milk allergy, I am willing to give it a try.

It's been two days that we've been putting the cream on Evan's skin, and just look at his face! It's still not "baby soft" but at least it's not red and scaly!! It looks wonderful! I'm hoping that once his skin is under control, I won't be using the Rx very often, just for breakouts, but I am grateful that there is something that works.

And in case you were wondering, it's been one day on soy formula, and it stinks...and makes my baby's breath smell funny. *sigh* I agreed to try it and I will, I just hope we can get through this quickly.

Rule #6: Slouching is obviously good for you.

And how do I know this you ask? The same way I know bacon is good for me (not to mention superior to all other foods and the meat of the gods). You see, bacon tastes good, which is my body rewarding me for giving it the foods it needs and deserves. With this same logic; slouching feels good, which is my body rewarding me for giving it the rest it needs and deserves.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Rule #5: Tigers are wild, unpredictable... and cute.

Evan had his first halloween, and paraded as the most ferocious of all cats, an adorable tiger. He played the part pretty well. At Grandpa Guy's house he was all smiles and purrs, but soon decided he was tired and let us all know it.

After sleeping through our next visit he woke up to give mostly sullen looks of interrupted rest. Finally he woke up a little more to watch some TV at our last stop. And even though he was well past due for some milk he turned his nose up at it until after we got home.

I don't know about y'all but I always preferred to horde my candy throughout the year, and setting aside some candy to keep forever as purely sentimental staleness. So to help instill this I'll think I'll put away his candy from his first halloween (I mean he can't eat it yet anyway) in his baby box, and maybe pass on some of my ancient stores.