Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Rule #94: Laughter is contagious

This is a video of Evan playing with our friends puppy. Yes, as large as she is, she's only a puppy still. Evan was having the time of his life with Cosette. When he laughs and squeals with delight I can't help myself...I laugh myself silly too!


Friday, December 3, 2010

Rule #93: Riddles don't always have an answer.

Which came first, the bat or the vampire?
This is a very belated Halloween post, but I've just got to get it in there. Evan got dressed up twice on Halloween, in two different costumes. That morning Doug and Susan took him to Boo at the Zoo. It was rather chilly, and we didn't want to get his "real" costume dirty, so we sent him off in last years warm monkey costume. Luckily, my boy doesn't grow much and it still fit. It was a tad short, but it got the job done.

He had a fantastic time with his grandparents, can you tell?

Later that night we dressed up both the boys and took them around to see the grandparents. Including Great Grandma Mary, but we failed to get a picture with her.
Evan was less than thrilled about getting dressed :)

Here is Aunt Chrissy holding Graham, dressed up as a bat.

My Papa meeting Graham for the first time. (He was in China for his birth)

Evan and Dave (Pappa)

Graham all tuckered out after his first Halloween

Even Jasmine got into the spirit of the holiday

Rule #92: Actions speak louder than words

Evan has been a regular two year old lately. Tantrums, testing his boundaries, you know, the good stuff. And as maddening as it is to put him in time out a thousand times a day, he does provide some good stories as well.

Case in point. While walking up the stairs to our landing I hear Evan cheerfully saying "Oh, Evan No! Oh, Evan No!"

Worried and grumbling, wondering what he has gotten into I turn the corner and see that my happy toddler has dumped Jasmines water all over the landing floor.

Without missing a beat, and unable to contain myself I groan, "Oh, Evan...no!"

It seems he must hear that phrase a time or two :)

And time outs seem to be thoroughly ineffective. I saw him hit Jasmine, put himself in time out, say "sorry Jas" just to take himself out of the corner and hit her again....and walk himself right back to the corner!

But having a toddlers not all bad. He's a delight to be around, when he chooses to grace me with his charms. It's usually really easy to get him to laugh and play. His new love is play dough, and puzzles. Man that kid would put together (or rather take apart) his dinosaur puzzle all day if we let him. He's actually getting pretty good and putting it together without our help. And once he's mastered that, I think I might just LET him do puzzles all day long if it makes him happy.

He's talking very well now. When he's in a comfortable environment he'll talk your ear off. He can rattle off 6 or 7 word sentences. He's also starting to understand jokes a little. Like I said, when he has a mind to, he's an adorable little boy.
He's been loving having a baby in the house. He's excited to see him every morning, and if Graham happens to be asleep, he lets us know just how disappointed he is. He gives him lots of hugs and kisses still. Graham is finally becoming aware of his big brother, and is very interested in this loud noise maker when he gets close enough to see.