Saturday, December 31, 2011

Rule #129: Pictures never expire

Way back in October we had family pictures taken. Only the second time in our six year marriage. Once when Evan was just over 1, and right after Graham's birthday. I'm not sure if I should feel embarrassed by this or not. I know Alex thinks once every other year is plenty :)

It was colder than I was hoping/expecting. I probably should have had my boys wear jackets. Because of the cold, Graham wasn't his usual bucket of smiles, but we got some good pictures anyway. Though in most of the pictures he looks very concerned.

The colors were perfect, we all know how I feel about fall! Without further ado, these are two months old now, here are the pictures for your enjoyment.

Love this man!!

One of my favorite pictures of Graham. At the time, he was growling and sticking out his tongue all day long.

Brothers! note the concerned look :)

We also learned that we shouldn't take any pictures near water. Evan can't pull himself away. All he wanted to do was throw rocks in the stream...and he did NOT want to bother with taking pictures. Tuck that useful bit of information away for next time. :) I'm glad my mom was able to come with us, to get some smiles outta my boys. Thanks mom!

This little family is my whole world! Even if I only document them sporadically, they bless my life every. single. day.