Saturday, January 11, 2014

Rule #166: Pixies are precious

My little Rory is 6 months old now! What's that you say? She couldn't possibly be six months? Yeah, I think so too. :)

Technically she turned six months in December, but December being the busiest month of the year, we didn't get into the pediatrician until today. Aurora has always been petite. Like a little pixie. We've taken her in for weight checks every month, because she is just THAT petite. :)

Lets recap shall we?

At birth: 6lbs 14 oz
2.5 months: 9lbs 5 oz
4 months: 10lbs 5 oz
5 months: 11 lbs 10 oz
6 months: 13 lbs 1oz

That's right. My six month old weighs a whopping 13 lbs! (Being completely sarcastic) Dr Burnett at first muttered under her breath, "She only weighs 13 pounds?" but then she looked at Rory's growth chart. She's still completely off the chart, but she seems to be growing at a consistent-for-her rate. So, growth charts be damned. :) Dr Burnett was pleased with how much baby food she is eating, but still suggested that we come in next month for another weight check. Just to keep an eye on it. Can do. :)

The rest of her stats are as follows. Length: 25.25cms (25%) OFC: 16.4cms (20%) Look at that nice normal head size. It's a thing of beauty! Also, if you note her length she used to be quite tall for her age...not so much anymore. Which is probably why even though she hardly weighs anything at all, she's starting to rock some thunder thighs! I find them adorable. Let's be honest, I find everything about her adorable!

Around 5 months old we started some baby food. I've been making it all for her. It's super easy and probably cheaper. Who knows. That girl is starting to eat a lot. She LOVES butternut squash, but will eat anything I make for her. Alex can't get her to eat peas to save his life and she eats them just fine for me. I recently put cinnamon in her apples and she thinks that is pretty tasty. As much as I don't LOVE to feed baby food, she makes it worth it.

We are still breastfeeding. Shocking I know! I've never made it this long, not even close. It's because of the medication, no question. It's been nice to be able to nurse as long as I have, but I think we might be done soon. I'm starting to produce less, even with the medication. But mostly, I'm TIRED! Not getting sleep after a night shift is really difficult. I am sleeping, but I'm frequently interrupted to nurse Aurora. (per my request) so that I can keep my supply up. It's really starting to take it's toll on me. I go through waves of guilt because I have worked so hard to make it this long. But I'm also really grateful that I've even been able to make it this long in the first place. My other two kids did just fine with formula, and she will too when the time comes. Whenever that may be.

Aurora is right on track to be just like my two boys. She still won't roll over. She has rolled over, but not really with purpose. She can change her direction by kicking and just generally being excited, but she doesn't seem to mind her tummy, so she sees no need to get off of it. :) And just like the boys she can sit up at 6 months old. It seems to be the only milestone that my kids meet "on time" It's a relatively new skill, just the last few days. But she hasn't turned 7 months old yet, so it counts. :)

She has started sleeping through the night. Not every night but it's a start. And we'll take what we can get. The boys continue to wake frequently as well. I think for Graham is has become a learned behavior and Evan, well, Evan has Autism. It just is what it is. Because they boys are waking up as well it is guaranteed that at LEAST one of our children will wake up Evey. Single. Night. Alex and I both are so tired. It's particularly rough for Alex on  the nights that I am working, because he has to deal with everyone that wakes up. Having Rory start to sleep though the night makes a BIG difference to us!

She continues to be extraordinarily mellow and happy. I love this little girl of mine. She has such a great laugh and her smile could change the world. I dare anyone to be grumpy around her. It's just not possible. She's like a ray of light and warmth!

Evan and Graham are completely smitten by her. Graham will walk up to Aurora and say "I Love you! I love you so much!" It melts my heart. But then he tries to squish her and I have to intervene on the love fest. :)

But with a face like that, who wouldn't want to give her a squishy hug?!

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What a huge blessing she is in our lives!