Saturday, March 28, 2009

Rule #36 Eyelashes = New York City

Evan was practicing his smile for a baby contest that he is going to enter. Not really by his choice, but by the choice of his mother. He got so excited when I pulled out the camera. He's never hammed it up so much! (I think that means he'd do great at a photo shoot in New York!) That's one of the prizes, a photo shoot in New York! It's a nationwide contest, so he's got a lot of competition...... But look at those eyelashes! (and his dimple) If they don't get us a trip to New York, I don't know what will!

Whether we win or not...he's still the cutest baby in my world!

*These are not our final pictures, don't worry...I don't plan to have bright orange toys in the background :)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Rule #35 Zoos should be free

As you may recall, for Christmas my mom and Dave gave my family a season pass to the zoo. It started as soon as we went for the first time. I've been waiting paitenly....sometimes not so patiently, for the weather to be nice enough for our first outing. Finally it came, and the day was BEAUTIFUL! Actually, I was a little warm by the end of it. It was only 68-70 degrees, but it felt like 75 at least. (I don't know how I'm going to handle summer, if 68 was warm for me!) But the sun was shining, and it was a lovely day!

I had high hopes that Evan would care, just a little bit about the animals. He didn't. It was hard to get him to look at some of the animals if they were sleeping, he would follow my finger where I was pointing, and then when I put my hand down, he'd still follow my finger. *sigh* That's okay, we'll go to zoo many times this year, he's bound to get excited at some point!

With our pass we are able to take two guests, so my good friend Ethnie and her son Will came with us! It was so fun to see them, and Will is such a darling boy, full of smiles. Truth be told, Evan was probably more excited to see Will than he was the animals. I'm glad though, I want them to be good friends. I was so excited for our zoo trip that I bought Evan a hat and sunglasses. He's really not a fan of the sunglasses, and they are a little bit too big for him right now, but they should fit him perfectly this summer. Isn't he cute?
We were there for about three hours, which I think it pretty good for two babies. Evan did get tuckered out after about two and a half hours and took a little nap in his stroller. He's so easy now that he doesn't need to be swaddled to sleep. I can't even imagine swaddling him in that heat!

Thanks again Nana and Papa! We want to get good use out of our pass, so if anyone wants to go to the zoo let me know! (We intend to take all of the grandparents, whenever schedules work for them...grandparents are just a given)
** I just noticed that the pictures have a date stamp on them, and the date is wrong!! Few of you may know just how much that bothers me....

Monday, March 2, 2009

Rule #34: Teefers take time

Dum da da DA!!! Evan would like to announce the arrival of his first tooth!! Maybe not so much Evan, but his mommy. It's about time, too. The child has only been teething for about three months now! And it sprang up out of now where! Two days ago I had checked for teeth, even for a little hint of a tooth. Nothing.

Then at Sunday dinner, Grandma Susan found his first little "toofer" aka tooth. (That's what we've been calling his teeth, or would be know, like "jamers" for pajamas, it's like that) I could hardly belive it, I had just checked, so I thought it would have been a tooth bud, but nope. Full on toofer, totally coming out. It's sharp too. It's no wonder babies are ornery when those suckers are moving on up.

So lets check the record again.

7 months old:
~ still wont roll over with purpose, but now lunges for toys (Up on his tiptoes and pushes) and scoots around backwards on his tummy...seems to have no interest in rolling what-so-ever.
~ sits up on his own for prolonged periods of time, but once he falls over, has no idea what to do with himself. So he laughs at his hands...or the ceiling.
~ teethes for three months, and finally cuts his first tooth, at 7 months old.

Pretty sure my son is on his own timetable as far as milestones are concerned. And that's just fine by me. I can't wait until I'm able to see his little teefers when he smiles! So cute!