Friday, June 19, 2009

Rule #47:Monkey language is hard to decipher

My mom and I took advantage of the rain free weather on Tuesday with a trip to the zoo. Evan seemed to at least see some of the larger animals this time. He seemed to really enjoy the bird show. (Even though some doves almost flew into his face!) Thanks mom, we had a great time spending the day with you!

This is my third or fourth time at the zoo this year- getting good use of our Christmas present- and each time something is a little different. Usually neither good or bad changes, just slightly different from the previous visit. One time the bears were quite playful, another time our favorite tiki monkeys mysteriously vanished (that was a little sad--cutest monkeys ever!) But most of the zoo is the same time after time. (again, not bad same...just consistent). That being said, I don't think I'll ever get a chance to see this again.

There was a black and white colobus monkey making the strangest noises I've ever heard. I'm not sure what he was trying to say, it sounded sad. My mom said it sounded like he was mourning. I tried to look it up later this week before I blogged about it. (I wanted to look smart) but I couldn't ever find any other sounds like this.

There was a pubescent boy hanging on the fence goading the monkey, repeating the calls and laughing. I'm not sure if he contributed the what the monkey was doing or not...but you can hear the boy once in the video. *I know the video isn't the best, I wasn't very steady...I got bumped a few times by fellow gawkers*

You could hear the sound from almost anywhere in the zoo. It went on for a long time. I hope the monkey wasn't really mourning. It bothers me that I'll never know what he was thinking. So if any of you out there are monkey experts please enlighten me. Or if you just want to take a stab at guessing, I'm game for that too.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Rule #46: "There is great enlightenment where there has been great wonder" -- Muso Kokushi

Early in May we went to the Red Butte Gardens with Alex's parents, brother, grandparents and Laurie (Doug's cousin). It was quite the family outing. We went that weekend because they were having a bonsai exhibit. Anyone who knows Alex well, knows of love of bonsais. The rest of us looked around in about 15-20 minutes and were satisfied. Alex was not. So we left him and ventured off to the rest of the gardens. He joined us 30 minutes later. (I think it's safe to say he liked the trip).

Here are a few of the MANY pictures that he took. These are some of my favorites.

Don't you just love the plants growing out of the rocks!?!? I think they are fantastic. This is Alex's new goal. He picked up some volcanic rock in Cedar City for just this purpose. We'll let you know how it goes.

The rest of the gardens were beautiful. I ended up walking barefooted for half of the trip due to broken flip flops. I loved those shoes, and have had them for 5-6 years. I was a little sad. I enjoy walking around barefoot, so I didn't mind initially. Although towards the end, the path was getting quite warm. My poor unconditioned feet just weren't used to the hot pavement. I didn't have my summer feet ready.

There is a children's garden with Massive Lizards laying on the grass. Evan was too interested in the dirt, it took several pictures just to get him to look up.
I love this face. I don't know what he was thinking, but I find it darling.
Finally we get a good shot.
It was a wonderful day spent with family, and although I broke my shoes AND got stung by a hornet (or bit...I didn't know hornets could bite) we had a fantastic time. Thanks Doug and Susan for the memories!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Rule # 45: Free publicity is good publicity.

Prismatic is done and ready! It’s available on Xbox 360 and Windows PC. Just go to our website at to download the PC version.
It's a puzzle game (like Minesweeper or Bejeweled) that is G-rated and appropriate for all ages. It continues the story of Sleeping Beauty as Maleficent’s evil sister plots a cruel revenge on Aurora and her kingdom.
On both Windows and Xbox, there is a trial version that you can download for free. Don't feel pressured to buy it, especially if it's just not your cup of tea, if you'd like to do us a favor, publicity is more valuable than anything else. If you have a blog or website, just put a link to on it, surrounded by words like 'casual puzzle game,' 'Sleeping Beauty' and 'best game ever!' … ;-) In other words, if you like it, tell everyone you know about it!
Thank you in advance, we hope you enjoy it!